All Day Wedding Photography Packages Kent

We get so many enquiries asking about our All Day Wedding Photography Packages in Kent (i.e. our Premium Package & our Classic Package) so I thought it would be helpful to provide you some additional information via a blog! So here goes…..

Your Wedding Day Story

Here at Blushing Bride Photography, we strongly believe that your wedding day photos should reflect the story of TWO people, rather than just one a.k.a. the Bride.  Of course the Bride is THE most important part of the day, but, Groomy is important too!   What can often happen is that the main focus tends to be on the Bride & her family, whilst Groomy’s story can often fade into the background.

As a mother of a son, & not being biased in anyway, I think it’s incredibly disappointing when this happens.  A friend of mine recently attended her son’s wedding.  She was mortified to discover that the photographer never took one picture of her with her son on their own, on his wedding day!   Some will say that this is down to planning, but it often comes down to timing & the sheer pressure that one photographer is under during the day.  Yes, they had family formals following the wedding, but no special moments captured of the Groom with just his Mum or just his Dad.  I can’t get over that!

Precious Memories

That day will never come again & it’s a special day for both families, from beginning to end. Before you ask, we were covering another wedding on the day & no, we didn’t forget our Groom with his Mum, or our Groom with his Dad!

Two Photographers ALL Day!

Two Photographers All Day

Here at Blushing Bride Photography we take a different tack!   Enter left of stage, our ‘All Day Wedding Photography Packages’ – ta dah!   With not just one, but two photographers!   By appointing two photographers to every wedding, we can easily tell the story of both families plus alleviate time pressures.  We CAN also be in two places at one time allowing us to capture those very special & precious preparation moments!

So how do we do that, you ask?  Well, I (female, despite spelling) am usually dedicated to the Bride to cover all the girly preparations, whilst my colleague Jon, is dedicated to the Groom to do all the ‘boys’ stuff!  Let’s face it, with a wedding ceremony time around the 2:00 p.m., half the day has already gone!  So, it’s incredibly important to cover the morning preparations.  This also allows you to see into each other’s world, so to speak, as you wont’ be there at this point.

Wedding Day Preparations

The morning preparations are a wonderful time to showcase the love within each family.  The bond between them all is incredibly important.  After all, it’s their families that have, up to this point, made them who they are.

Wedding Photography Packages Kent

There’s so much going on at both locations (camps, as we refer to them) & both camps are very busy places. We have the main party i.e. the Bridesmaids or the Groomsmen getting ready with all that entails. Team Bride will usually be in hair & make-up, whilst Team Groom can often be visiting the pub en route to the church/ceremony.

Photographs Of Makeup Application

Then we have immediate family.  We usually have parents (well, it is often at their house!) plus grand-parents, god-parents, siblings & their families.   There’s flowers/button holes arriving, breakfast being made & more often than not, champagne corks popping!  Regardless of the location, or the action, it ALL deserves to be documented on your wedding day.   After all an ‘All Day Wedding Photography Package‘ should cover just that, from the morning preparations of both parties to your first few boogies on the dance floor!

Groomsmen Being Photographed

I’m not going to detail too much in this blog HOW Jon & I work a wedding day, as of course we hope to tell you that in person should you be interested in our Kent wedding photography services.  But suffice to say that planning is key.

Wedding Photography Planning

We start out wedding photography planning about 3 months before your big day.  We will meet you both, either at your home or an convenient spot, to start putting our plans on paper.   This meeting is called our Consultation Meeting (see below).  By this time you will have appointed all of your suppliers & all the important jobs i.e. Best Man, Maid of Honour etc!  It’s always lovely to hear about your wedding plans & start building a timeline.

Wedding Photography Experience

We have a great deal of experience in terms of wedding day timings.  We’ve been photographing weddings for just under a decade!  As such, we can provide you with lots of guidance in terms of how long you will need for each bit.  This ensures that all of your wedding photography wishes are catered for.

Lee listened to us, made great suggestions and helped plan our day carefully so as not too miss anything out  “Emily & Dan”

Previous Kent Wedding Photography Packages

Take a look at some genuine examples of our wedding photography pages from real weddings in Kent all of which demonstrate our documentary style. You can also find regular updates on our Facebook Page

Emily & Matt

Nettlestead Place

Jenny & Greg

Abbots Barton Hotel

Kelly & Matt

Hythe Imperial Hotel

Let's Talk about Your Wedding Photos

Our Consultation meeting is also used to talk about the photographs themselves & gain a better understanding of what photographs resonate with you.  Of course our style of photography is our style, that’s why you booked us right!  But it’s still good to talk about different aspects of the photographs, for example your formal photographs.

Formal Wedding Phot0graphs

We will provide you with lots of guidance in terms of your formal photographs.  These are the group shots i.e. Bride & Groom with Bride’s family.  We have a recommended list of photographs but we totally respect that this is your day & the formal photographs will be your choice.  Again timing is crucial!  We plan this bit together!  You let us know what you want & we will let you know how much time we need to do it.

As part of our wedding photography timeline we ALWAYS build in an hour’s contingency, later in the day, should we need it.  During our Consultation Meeting we will give you some homework in preparation for our next meeting, being our pre-wedding venue visits, about 4 weeks before your big day – eek!

“Lee was just fantastic, she wasn’t just our photographer but she also helped plan out the whole day and gave us our itinerary ”  “Emily & Matt”

Pre-Wedding Venue Visit/s

This initial ‘Consultation’ meeting is then followed up by a visit to your wedding venue/s.  So if you are having a church wedding we, all 4 of us, will visit both your church & your reception venue.  Venue visits are usually planned about 4 weeks before your big day.  For the most part venue meetings take place on a Tuesday so it may involve you taking a morning, afternoon off work.  The reason we visit venues on a Tuesday is that this is usually a quiet day in terms of their functions/events.  Venue staff are often off on a Monday being their day off following a busy weekend.

In terms of church weddings, it’s rare for us to gain entry on a Tuesday, unless they are open for some reason, but it’s still good to see it from the outside & talk through our plans for this part of the day.

Our Kent Wedding Photography Packages

Our comprehensive range of wedding photography packages Kent can be seen below Blushing Bride Photography also cover weddings in Essex and Sussex each of our all day documentary style packages feature two photographers ensuring we capture every special moment for both the bride and groom. 

  • 2 ‘Award Winning’ Professional Photographers (male & female) telling two sides of one story (maximum of 10 hours);
  • Coverage starts from Bridal Prep (female tog) & Grooms Prep (male tog) until your first few boogies on the dance floor!
  • Password Protected Viewing Gallery, via our website, with digital downloads (minimum of 500 Images) & copyright license;
  • Planning Meeting (approx. 6 months before your big day);
  • Pre Wedding Venue Visit (approx. 4 weeks before your big day)
  • Price discounted to £1,650 for Winter Weekend dates (November, December, January & February) & ALL Week Day bookings (Monday through to Thursday) excluding BH, Christmas & NY dates.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, BH, Christmas & NY dates£1,750
Booking Fee£300
  • 1 ‘Award Winning’ Professional Photographer (maximum of 8 hours);
  • Coverage starts 1 hours before your Ceremony until your first dance;
  • Password Protected Viewing Gallery, via our website, with digital downloads (max of 400 images) & copyright license;
  • Planning Zoom/Telephone Call with Photographer (approx. 4 weeks before your big day);
  • Price discounted to £1150 for Winter Weekend dates (November, December, January & February) & ALL Week Day bookings (Monday through to Thursday) excluding BH, Christmas & NY dates.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, BH, Christmas & NY dates£1,250
Booking Fee£300

Please note the above prices do change from time to time, for the latest pricing information refer to our packages and pricing page

Wedding Photography Plans Finalised!

Our pre-wedding venue visits are the perfect opportunity to finalise our plans in terms of coverage & timings.  We also discuss backdrops for certain parts of the day i.e. formal photographs (which you now have i.e. Consultation homework) & that all important group shot i.e. Bride & Groom with all guests.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot!

Our pre-wedding venue visit is also your opportunity for a pre-wedding photo shoot!  This will give you some guidance on how we will work on the day & the sort of things we are going to ask you to do (respectively of course!).  You get to see these images before we go live so it’s a sort of mini-rehearsal.  Although a pre-wedding photo shoot can be a little daunting,  we have been told so many times how great it is.  It will help you understand the process & allay any wedding photography fears you may have.

Kent Wedding Photography Packages

Your Wedding Photographs in Safe Hands

Wedding photography is often something that our Bride & Grooms worry about in terms of how they will look on camera!  To reassure you, we work incredibly hard to make sure your wedding photographs reflect who you are, as a couple.  We really care about you (please have a look at our Testimonial Page) & your guests & we will work in a friendly, relaxed way, to get the job done.  We strive to be a compliment to your wedding day rather than taking over!   Rest assured that you ARE in very safe hands.

Wedding Photographers Ready To Go

So that’s it, we are ready to go.  We aim to provide you with everything you need from us about two weeks before your wedding day.  You can imagine you are very busy people two weeks before your big day!

“Nothing was too much trouble in making sure all the vital photographs were included on the day and every single guest mentioned how amazing they were” “Michelle & Matt”

If you would like to find out more please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can arrange to come & see you, in the comfort of your own home.  Alternatively we are often hosting stands at various wedding fairs where you can meet us & see our product range.

As per my usual sign-off, whatever your choices may be, we wish you all the very best for your wedding day & beyond.

Lots of love,

Lee xx

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